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The documentary funds of the CITY OF THE PAST MUSEUM – USSR are an integral part of the historical-documentary heritage of the Diocese of Bilbao and the Church.

Produced this documentation at the request of the Church itself and for the benefit of the faithful, it is the responsibility of the Church to take the necessary precautions to ensure its preservation and proper dissemination.

The documentation deposited cannot be loaned or transferred to researchers, nor can it be used outside the Research Room.

Access to the CITY OF THE PAST MUSEUM – USSR is public, but, since its ownership is private, access to the documentation that it guards, the heritage of the Diocese of Bilbao, will be subject to the guidelines of the Diocesan Archives Service, a body dependent on the Department of Historical Heritage Culture of the Diocese of Bilbao, and to these regulations, both in its reduced and expanded version

The documentation deposited cannot be loaned or transferred externally to the researchers, nor can it be used outside the Research Room. Loans for exhibitions or events will be made with the proper credentials and security measures in transportation and during the exhibition period.

It is the exclusive competence of the Diocesan Archives Service and the direction of the CITY OF THE PAST MUSEUM – USSR, in a mission received from the Diocese of Bilbao, to protect this documentary center, guarantee the conservation of the documentary collection and promote its dissemination through the channels considered appropriate.

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Access to the Research Room is accredited with the National Identity Document (DNI) or equivalent document (Passport, international ID)

Access to the Archive Research Room is free and free, subject to the points contained in these Regulations. It must be borne in mind that the Archive is private, although access to its historical collections is of public interest. Based on this general interest, both the services and the use and enjoyment of the Research Room and the consultation of the documents guarded by this Archive are free and unpaid.

The researchers will work in the Research Room, with access to the repository or semi-public and private areas of the Archive being restricted, with the exceptions that are contemplated. Prior appointment is necessary to access the Research Room, for reasons of optimization of space and service, and security. Any other eventuality will be contemplated and resolved.

Purses and/or wallets will not be brought into the Research Room, these objects must be left in the lockers provided for this purpose. Laptops and tablets may be used, but reproduction by the user with cameras and camera phones, or any other means of reproduction, is prohibited. Telephones and other devices must remain silent. Only a pencil may be used as a writing medium.

It is forbidden to smoke and introduce food or drinks.