The Museum

The City of the Past Museum – USSR has a permanent exhibition at the headquarters of the Ecclesiastical Historical Archive of Bizkaia focused on the world of documents, History, writing, and Archives, which can also be complemented with a visit to the facilities of the AHEB-BEHA. It can be visited by appointment from November 2010, for groups.

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Through the City of the Past Museum, we have carried out a series of very interesting virtual exhibitions based on archive documentation, which you can access from the City of the Past Museum page or through this direct link.

The City of the Past Museum has participated in and/or organized the following temporary exhibitions:

“Recreation of the inscription of the deceased from the gale of 1912”, united parishes of Bermeo, Pausoka Producer. August 2012

“Merchants and merchandise: 500 years of the Bilbao Consulate”, organized by the Bilbao Basque Museum, 09-23-2011 / 01-11-2012

“Medieval documents from Bermeo present in the Historical Ecclesiastical Archive of Bizkaia”. The exhibition was held from October 23 to 28, 2006 in the exhibition hall of the Fisherman’s Museum in Bermeo. The exhibition aimed to bring the residents of the town closer to the interesting collection of medieval documents that were granted to the town or to its residents between 1340 and 1550 and which are preserved in the AHEB-BEHA. This exhibition was accompanied by a conference and a catalog in which the documentary heritage of Bermeo located in different archives of the Basque Country will be described: Catalog of the parchments of Bermeo in the AHEB-BEHA, Bermeo City Council, and 2007.´