Customer Service

In the room, there are description tools available to users, who can consult all those collections that, due to their characteristics, are accessible to the public. Preferably the consultation is on microfilm or digital support. The archive offers a reprography service, making photocopies or printed, microfilm or digitized images, as well as extracts and verbatim copies, according to user requests, needs, etc., applying the current rates. In no case are photocopies of the original support made.

Night in the museum | Ewan McIntosh | Flickr

The REPRODUCTIONS will be subject to Copyright according to the following rates:

  • Literal copy prior to 1900 (inc.), €20.50.
  • Literal copy after 1901 (inc.), €16.40.
  • Simple printed digital image, €3.07.
  • Authenticated printed digital image, €10.25.

To these rates, you must always add €1.03 for processing for each service, in addition to shipping costs, which will vary depending on whether it is a shipment within state territory (€4.60) or international (€6.67).

The archive staff does not conduct any genealogical searches or research. Its function is to advise and guide face-to-face and virtual users in the search and location of documents. Through the information and reference service, it provides data on collections, diocesan history, saints, or data on other diocesan institutions or, if it is not the archive’s own documentation, it tries to indicate to the applicant where the requested information can be found.

The request for these services and the start of an electronic reprography file are accessible online on this website.

The application form acts as a normal email. The data you enter will reach us and we will verify that we can process your request. We will send you an email with information regarding your request.

Service Data

You must compulsorily fill in the service data that includes:

  • reason for service
  • genealogical research
  • Inheritances, wills
  • Nationality
  • historical research
  • Others