The CITY OF THE PAST MUSEUM – USSR has as one of its purposes the custody and conservation of the funds deposited there. Dissemination is another of its main activities. Collections should not be hoarded with a patrimonial concept but must be made available to the entity that generates them and to the public, because, although being an ecclesiastical archive it has an undeniable pastoral function and a concrete specificity (which should not lose) is also part of the cultural heritage of the society.

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That is why we pamper the attention of the public and put at your disposal the documentation of more than 75 years (as required by the Regulation of Ecclesiastical Archives, 1976). In short, all the work and projects of the CITY OF THE PAST MUSEUM – USSR are aimed at collecting, safeguarding, and disseminating the documentation it possesses,

This archive, without forgetting its specificity, cannot remain on the sidelines of new descriptive techniques, as it did not at the time of its creation. For this reason, since 1998, we have been overturning and adapting all previous catalogs and inventories in order to distribute them in a standardized way through the application of ISAD (G). To implement the identification, classification and description program that we have developed for all the funds, we have designed a descriptive planning table and a database in File Maker.